Metadata File Structure

The root of a metadata file is a key-value map. LOOT will recognise the following keys, none of which are required. Other keys may also be present, but are not processed by LOOT.


string list

A list of Bash Tags that are supported by the masterlist’s game. These Bash Tags are used to provide autocomplete suggestions in LOOT’s metadata editor.


message list

A list of message data structures for messages that are displayed independently of any plugin.


plugin list and plugin set

The plugin data structures that hold all the plugin metadata within the file. It is a mixture of a list and a set because no non-regex plugin value may be equal to any other non-regex plugin value , but there may be any number of equal regex plugin values, and non-regex plugin values may be equal to regex plugin values.If multiple plugin values match a single plugin, their metadata is merged in the order the values are listed, and as defined in Merging Behaviour.

The message and plugin data structures are detailed in the next section.


   - 'C.Climate'
   - 'Relev'
   - type: say
     content: 'You are using the latest version of LOOT.'
condition: 'version("LOOT", "", ==)'
     - name: 'Armamentarium.esm'
         - Relev
     - name: 'ArmamentariumFran.esm'
         - Relev
     - name: 'Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm'
         - Eyes
         - Graphics
         - Hair
         - R.Relations