LOOT metadata files can contain suggestions for the addition or removal of Bash Tags, and this is the structure used for them. It has two forms: a key-value string map and a scalar string.

Map Form


Required. A Bash Tag, prefixed with a minus sign if it is suggested for removal.


A condition string that is evaluated to determine whether this Bash Tag should be suggested: if it evaluates to true, the Tag is suggested, otherwise it is ignored. See Condition Strings for details. If undefined, defaults to an empty string.

Scalar Form

The scalar form is simply the value of the map form’s name key. Using the scalar form is equivalent to using the map form with an undefined condition key.


Two tag data structures are equal if all their fields are equal. String equality is case-sensitive.


Scalar form:


Map form:

name: -Relations
condition: 'file("Mart''s Monster Mod for OOO.esm") or file("FCOM_Convergence.esm")'