Version History

The version history of the metadata syntax is given below.

0.10 - 2016-11-06


  • The clean key to the plugin data structure.
  • The global_priority field to the plugin data structure.
  • The many_active() condition function.
  • The info key to the cleaning data structure.


  • Renamed the str key in the localised content data structure to text .
  • The priority field of the plugin data structure now stores values between -127 and 127 inclusive.
  • Regular expressions no longer accept \ as a directory separator: / must now be used.
  • The file() condition function now also accepts a regular expression.
  • The active() condition function to also accept a regular expression.
  • Renamed the dirty info data structure to the cleaning data structure.


  • The regex() condition function, as it has been obsoleted by the file() function’s new regex support.

0.8 - 2015-07-22


  • The name key to the location data structure.
  • The many("regex") condition function.
  • The documentation now defines the equality criteria for all of the metadata syntax’s non-standard data structures.


  • Detection of regular expression plugin entries. Previously, a plugin entry was treated as having a regular expression filename if the filename ended with \.esp or \.esp . Now, a plugin entry is treated as having a regular expression filename if the filename contains one or more of :\*?| .


  • Removed the ver key in the location data structure.


  • The documentation gave the values of the after , req , inc , tag , url and dirty keys as lists, when they have always been sets.

0.7 - 2015-05-20


  • The message string substitution key, i.e. sub , in the message data structure.
  • Support for YAML merge keys, i.e. << .


  • Messages may now be formatted using most of GitHub Flavored Markdown, minus the GitHub-specific features (like @mentions, issue/repo linking and emoji).

0.6 - 2014-07-05

No changes.

0.5 - 2014-03-31

Initial release.